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Uses of CT Scan in Dentistry

Dentists have embraced the CT scan method that has proved to be more efficient and lucrative in the medical field. The CT scan is a procedure, or more so a machine that has been used to provide a 3D view of teeth, soft tissues and not forgetting nerve pathways.


This scan provides ideal, detailed information for the dentist to analyze the data. Then chose a precise manner to tackle a particular task. The procedure requires little to no special instruction. You may be required to follow specific instructions just to ensure your safety during the procedure.


Scanning for implants using the CT scan

It’s an amazing way to search for implants in the teeth or the gums. A dental cone beam CT scan is an x-ray machine that has been used by the professional dentist to carry x-ray scans when it’s required.

If searching for implants is the main aim. Then this method will provide adequate results to solve the problem.


Preparing for the procedure

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As much as the procedure may seem simple, the is a catch when it comes to preparation. One requires to follow the instructions carefully in order to provide prolific results plus for the general safety of the individual.

To begin, you may be required to remove anything that may interfere with the image results. This includes metals, jewelry, and eyeglasses if any.

Furthermore, there are fewer requirements to achieve amazing results. Any removable dental works should be carried to present to the dentist. In order to do more analysis on the dental structure.


Is there any pain during the process?


During the procedure there is no pain, you can confidently enter the room knowing you will come out safe. The body will function normally
with no shortcoming what’s so ever.

However regular exposure to x-ray is not advisable, for the safety of any individual. No radiation remains in the body after the procedure for your body health.

Other than detecting implants there are various uses of the process. For an example, one can use it to detect any tumor growth in the jaws, locating the origin of pain, reconstructive surgery. That’s why it is very helpful especially to the dentists to use this technology to fulfill the process of their ongoing dental treatment.

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The modern world has taken a drastic turn in technology. Favoring both sides of the sword, the dentist, and the patient respectively. Your teeth are now in safe hands, in case you feel like something is not right, feel free to have yourself checked. It is as simple as it sounds but at a suitable cost.

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