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The Tooth Implant Timeline

With today’s advancements, restoring missing teeth is not anymore that complex. Dental implants are well renowned in this aspect and if you’re interested to know about it you can visit’s website. However, it’s important to understand the tooth implant timeline before you consider the implant procedure. Depending on the nature of the implant, the timeline may vary hence the need to have a session with your Burwood dentist at Dental 266 and get a clear understanding of how long the implant process may take. The tooth implant timeline will include the time you get to the consultation room, the time required for treatment and finally the time you will need for healing.

Overall oral health before the dental implant process and the nature of surgery to support the implant may affect the timeline causing the time variation. This makes it difficult to be exact when it comes to implant timeline making the process to be based on approximation after a dental check is done. The tooth implant process happens in stages with every stage slotted to take quality time in order to make sure the entire dental process is successful. Some of the stages that any patient who requires a tooth implant will undergo include:

1.Consultation stage. tooth implant timeline

The implant process isn’t a walk in treatment but requires quality time and planning before it’s initiated. The initial consultation is considered as the first stage where an examination is done and the tooth impression taken in order to determine the right treatment plan. All the procedures will be broken down during the initial consultation and you’ll plan for the next procedure. The initial dental consultation can be done within a short time depending on the examination that is required.

2.Implant process.

Depending on the initial agreement during the consultation, the implants process begins. This is the most complex part that will cause the main time difference when it comes to implant timeline. All the basic requirements to support the implant and to make it successful is done during this stage. The implant process can be straight forward and can be done on an outpatient basis while other complicated cases may require patients to be admitted.

3.Post-implant monitoring and healing.

The procedure can be accompanied by some level of discomfort and swelling hence it must be managed and monitored. Monitoring can either be done from home or extended time in the dental centre may be required. Your trusted Complete Dental dentist in Coorparoo, QLD will give you all the basic care tips for the implant and follow up schedule to make sure full recover is experienced.

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