signs of a healthy body
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Signs of a Healthy Body

You might work out six days a week and be a saint when it comes to the foods you eat, but how do you actually know you’re healthy? The body of a human being is always giving out signs and indicators of good or bad health. For good signs it can be clear, bright skin and eyes, strong teeth, gums, nails and hair to name a few. Read on to find out more common signs of a healthy body.

Some other common signs of a healthy body include:

•Be able to walk and use the stairs without experiencing breathing difficulties.
•Be able to get at least 7 hours of natural sleep without using supplements. Besides that, the body should be able to remain active all day long without experiencing fatigue or drowsiness.
•Be able to bend down or stand up from a sitting position without getting dizzy.
•Ingest 3 or 4 meals a day. Additionally, consuming meals shouldn’t cause heartburns, rapid heartbeat, feeling of nausea, or sleepiness.
•Minimal sweet or salt cravings.
•Regular bowel movements: you should be able to move your bowels once a day. Note that your stool should be large, bulky, and brownish without food particles.
•Be able to urinate at least 5 times a day. The urine needs to be clear except the first time after you wake up.
•The bladder should be able to hold the urine when required.signs of a healthy body
•The skin should be silky, soft and supple.
•Moods should be stable. A healthy body is able to tolerate stress even under difficult circumstances.
•lips should be supple and soft.
•Eyebrows need to be full.
•Strong nails with pink beds that are free of discolorations or lines
•A red tongue indicates that your emotions, heart, and the mind are all having a healthy balance.
•The hair should be silky, shiny or lustrous

Lots of people are now more conscious of their health more than ever. Technology has changed the way we eat, exercise, sleep etc. The presence and use of artificially produced food and smart devices have had a massive impact on human health. However, even without tests, it’s still possible to tell the signs of a healthy body.

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