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Dental Scan (Digital Dental Technology)

What is a dental scan? Digital scans are the latest in dental technology. This article will talk about digital dental scans and how they work. After reading the article, you can click this link if you are looking for a software for digital scan.

What is a digital dental scan?

A dental scan is done to get a digital impression of your mouth. This technology is slowly replacing the outdated dental impressions that use a mold. These scans are used by dentists and orthodontists as a guide to the progress of any treatments that are being done to the teeth and gums.

The advantage of digital dental scans

What are the advantages of scans? Digital scans help dentists and patients have a more comfortable and convenient experience.

The comfort of the patient

The first and most important advantage of using a digital dental scan is that the patient will not have to endure having a mold made of their teeth. Although it only takes a few minutes for the mold to set, this amount of time may seem like forever to some patients.

Many patients complain of discomfort while the mold is drying in their mouths. The process to make a dental impression is also messy. Patients who have a strong gag reflex complain that the original procedure is inconvenient for them, to say the least.

Better quality

scan digitalDigital dental scans offer a better quality image when compared to the traditional method of getting an impression of patients’ teeth. With a traditional impression, there may be a chance of inaccuracy because if the patient movies while the mold is setting, there may be changes in the final result of the mold. Digital dental scans eliminate this risk.

Also, if the dentist will require a second scan because the first one, it will be much easier to be taken. The patient can just sit comfortably in the dentist’s chair while the second scan will take place. It is much more difficult to get a second mold.

Proper fitting dental restorations

Digital dental scans offer a more accurate look at the teeth and gums or patients. This will also ensure that the fit of any dental restorations needed will fit better as well.

Better-fitting restorations will also result in better patient satisfaction because there will be less pain during recovery. Also, the patient will have fewer problems after the procedure, because they will not complain or have any re-adjustments because of inaccurate size or proportion of the restorations.

Are you going to have a digital dental scan?

If your dentist’s office already offers digital dental scans instead of the traditional molds, you can count yourself lucky. You will not need to undergo the traditional way of getting a mold of your teeth.

If you have any questions or qualms about having a digital dental scan done, talk to your dentist. They will explain the advantages to you. They will also be happy to explain to you how the process of getting a scan of your mouth happens.


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