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Panoramic Dental X-ray Benefits

Panoramic x-rays have revolutionized the dental world. It’s now easy to take snap shots of dentures from various angles, which wasn’t possible earlier. By analyzing x-rays from all possible angles, dentists can easily identify the cause of the problem and administer specific medications and/or procedure to heal the condition. A panoramic dental x-ray like dental checkups are affordable so it’s not something that you need to shy away from. Some of the popular panoramic dental x-ray benefits are detailed below.


Patients can sit or stand during the panoramic x-ray exposure without any issue. In contrast to the uncomfortable bitewing series that take up to four x-ray examinations, a panoramic x-ray exposure is performed only once. That presents utmost comfort and convenience to the patient as well as the dentist.


The panoramic technique involves fewer steps compared to conventional x-rays. With this cutting-edge technique, dentists can take x-rays with the machine quickly. Also, the output images are sharper and ready to be reviewed within seconds.

Less exposure to radiation panoramic dental x-ray

One of the key benefits of panoramic images is less radiation exposure. When you’re taking dental x-rays, your dentures are exposed to radiation, which could harm your teeth to a certain extent. However, the innovative panoramic technique reduces the radiation exposure by 40 percent. Also, the whole process is done within a matter of seconds. This, in turn, reduces health risks further.

More diagnostic

Panoramic x-rays present more coverage for pathological jaw lesions, periodontal bone defects, and periapical lesions compared to traditional images. Extended diagnosis helps dentists to identify the problem minutely in the best possible manner.

Bottom line

The panoramic dental x-ray technique has proved to be a boon to dentists in healing a range of dental conditions. Quick images, better diagnosis, less radiation exposure, and comfort are a few of the benefits of this amazing technique. This is why most of the dentists now use panoramic images for complicated dental conditions.

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