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Open Dental Software: What I need to know

The task in dental office solves not only dental issues but also another complex work related to collect and summarize data from customers. To support dental practices control data, much dental software were made, and all of those, Open Dental Software is supposed to be the most popular among the dental community.

Open Dental Software is dental practices management software on laptop licensed by GNU General Public License and written in the programming language with Framework. The distinguishing feature in this dental software is that it provides users the capability of accessing database, which users can custom reports on their own.

What can you do on Open Dental? 

Appointment: Schedule and modify appointments, editing, defaulting values, show financial and medical notes

Family: View patients’ records, check errors, save billing and insurance information, Sign Procedure Notes, Patient Information Terminal, track status, credit, and contact

open dental softwareAccount: Communication to patients (sending emails, reminders, receive feedback, etc), create payments, Credit Card Processing

Treatment plans: View/ Edit/ Save treatment plans, creating, and prioritizing

Imaging: Integrate with the digital camera, scanner, and radiography

E-Services: E-Confirmation, E-Reminders, Integrated Texting, Web Forms, Mobile Web, Web Sched New Patients, Web Sched Recall, eRx, Patient Portal


  • Free trial
  • 6 month initial contract: $159 per month/ location/ office for maximum 3 dentist. After 12 months, the price sales to $99 per month.
  • Free to use the software without client support after 6 months contract
  • Under guarantee money-back within 90 days


  • Flexible system with friendly interface
  • Enable clients to create their unique report by accessing the database
  • Easier to manage dental business


  • Only compatible with Windows
  • Your responsibility is encryption and database storage
  • Require time for training and being accustomed to it

That’s all about general details about Open Dental Software. Although it still has some drawbacks and requires you to spend time for training at first, there’s worth for you to experience the convenience and time-saving benefit as well as a well-organized management system.

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