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Nose blocked causes and treatment

The nose plays a very vital role in air purification. It’s lined with mucous membranes which are responsible for mucus secretion that moistens the nose. Alongside these membranes, the nasal passageway contains cilia that trap all dust particles that try to enter the nose. Due to these functions, it’s therefore important to breathe through the nose, and if your nose is blocked, you will not only feel uncomfortable, but you will end up inhaling a lot of bacteria which will in turn subject you to infections.  Nasal polyps grow in the in the lining of the nose. These nose polyps affect the quality of life because it can cause complications if not treated.

Causes of a blocked nose

nose blockedThe main cause of a blocked nose is cold. You may be suffering from a cold which in turns makes you have a running nose. This makes the mucous membranes to swell and become inflamed thus blocking your nose, which is commonly known as nasal congestion. Inflammation of mucous membranes makes the mucus secretion viscous, which leads to increased mucus production. It’s the increased production that causes a blockage.

To make breathing easier, you will need to avoid various dairy products such as cheese and yogurt for these promote mucus production. You should also reduce exposure to household chemicals and cigarette. These chemicals make one to have a running nose.

Treatment when you have nose blocked

You can treat a blocked nose using a sinuforce nasal spray, or any other treatment which is in the form of a nasal decongestion spray, which you will need to spray directly into the nostrils. These sprays contain menthol that rapidly relieves a congested nose. The best thing with these sprays is that they reduce the inflammation and swelling of mucous membranes without interfering with their natural protective role.

You can also treat a blocked nose using steam inhalation which helps in loosening the mucus. Also, eat foods rich in minerals and vitamins, but ensure that you eat light meals at night. Vitamin C provides you with relaxation as you sleep alongside giving you extra resistance to give you sufficient sleep.

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