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Is High Morning Blood Pressure Normal? (Tips To Maintain Optimum Blood Pressure)

A perfect moment is not the only thing that defines a great day. But the best days often start when you wake up from bed. The touch of an early sunrise and the smell of coffee in the morning could signify a fresh start, a new beginning, or a new-found hope. But when flushing in the face and dizziness greet you first, it could mean a very struggling day. And before you post on your social media about your symptoms, you might want to monitor the morning surge of your blood pressure first. Although blood pressure normally rises in the morning, it could be risky for some people. But you don’t have to freak out in the horror of hypertensive mornings when you know the best ways to keep yourself at low risk.

Regular monitoring of your blood pressure may help you reduce the risk of hypertension. Fortunately, you can easily get a wearable monitor by visiting FitBitWatch.com.au for more information, to get a device right away. Read more below to know more preventive tips to maintain optimum blood pressure.


What Is Blood Pressure?

When your heart beats, it squeezes blood on the arteries and veins. And these short bursts of actions create a force that defines your blood pressure. Normally, your pressure readings would include a two set of numbers which includes:

Systolic reading –this number is located in the higher or left portion of the bar. morning blood pressure factsThe number refers to the average force the arteries receive during a single heartbeat in a defined time, usually per minute. This pressure reading often indicates the person’s risk for cardiovascular disease or hypertension.

Diastolic reading -on the other hand, this lower number reading refers to the pressure the arteries receive when the heart rests between each beat.

The normal readings of blood pressure actually differ between race, age, and gender. Hence, you might want to check the right normal chart values for you before defining your blood pressure level. Besides, numerous factors contribute to the drop or a surge of blood pressure values. Diet, physical activity, stress, and hormones are only a few reasons for the varying readout of blood pressure throughout the day. However, if you often get abnormally high blood pressure, this could indicate hypertension.


What Happens When Morning Blood Pressure Is Elevated?

Morning hypertension happens when you have abnormally high values of blood pressure upon waking up. It could be risky and dangerous, and you might want to consult your doctor immediately. This morning surge of blood pressure could increase the possibility of stroke and cardiac problems. Some major reasons that cause this rise in morning blood pressure include:

Circadian Rhythm

Although you could have normal blood pressure levels in the evening, it could reach a high morning surge. Normally, the body releases hormones that boost energy as well as blood pressure. This quick spike in blood pressure normally lowers through time but can impose health risk to some patients.


waht affects morning blood pressureIt may sound ironic, but medications prescribed to control blood pressure could actually cause abnormal peaks. Without the proper combination, daily dose, and duration of effect, it increases high blood pressure.

Medical condition

Aside from causing a myriad of conditions, high blood pressure could indicate different medical events. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and sleep apnea are only some of the reasons why you could have elevated blood pressure.

Lifestyle Habits

Exercise improves not only the body’s tone but your cardiac status as well. At the same time, a study suggests that habits like smoking and alcohol consumption are associated with higher blood pressure levels. People who do high intensity exercise like cycling, might have improved cardiac status.


How To Prevent A High Morning Blood Pressure

Managing and regulating may sound difficult, but there are multiple ways to keep your blood pressure at a normal range. Here are some ways to prevent morning surge from happening:

Regular monitoring

Keeping a close eye on your blood pressure will help to curb the chances of hypertension. Wearable blood pressure monitors are widely available to help people supervise an increase in pressure.

Active and healthy lifestyle

tips to have normal morning blood pressurePractising a healthy habit lessens the chances of high blood pressure to occur. Physical activity does not only lessens cholesterol but also improves cardiovascular status. It develops the body to pump blood efficiently without elevating blood pressure. You can also do some pilates to boost your strength; click here for pilates equipment.

Enough sleep

Having a good night’s sleep also lessens your chances of developing elevated blood pressure. Getting enough night rest keeps your hormones in the right range. Besides, consuming caffeine to keep you awake also increases the risk of high blood pressure.

Healthy diet and weight

Extra weight adds to the pressure the body needs to pump blood. By keeping a good diet option, you could also maintain an optimum weight.


In Conclusion

Although morning could increase blood pressure levels, it should not reach an abnormally high and life-risking state. And even if you have high risks for hypertension, developing a healthy way of living could hold its effects. Most importantly, going to the doctor beforehand and having real-time monitor watches could give you an early warning on high blood pressure.

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