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Medical Software (Innovations in Medical Research And Disease Control)

In this world where different diseases can be passed with just a handshake, many researchers and scientists are finding ways to improve our disease prevention and control protocols and standards. They discover several medical software apps and gadgets that could help detect the presence of viral infection in a person or manage a prompt response to a pandemic or medical crisis. Here, let us discover how medical software can help in improving our medical research capabilities and our means to control and prevent the spread of disease.


Medical software use

Over the last few years, several medical software innovations have gained great popularity among clinics and healthcare organizations. We are all aware that medical software is vital to the healthcare system and its industry since it allows healthcare providers to monitor and manage health organization and patient data. In fact, it is reported that the market value of health software innovation is projected to reach around $30 billion by the year 2023.


Medical software types

Here are the different types of medical software and apps that hospitals and research facilities use nowadays that can help provide a flawless and consistent experience for patients and medical experts.


Medical practice management software (MPMS)

This medical software deals with day-by-day operations and makes more efficient clinical workflows. With this type of software, healthcare professionals can easily enter patient information and track all the data about her, such as her diagnosis, pending procedures, medical insurance, and payment information.


Electronic health record (EHR) software

electronic medical recordThis specific app is another type of medical software that contains comprehensive information about patients. Typically, electronic health records contain personal data about a patient’s demographics, medical history, laboratory results, and allergies. This information can be shared across doctors who are caring for the patient, allowing them to provide more accurate treatment as they collaborate on how to manage the patient’s condition.


E-prescribing software

E-prescribing allows medical providers to send prescriptions directly to pharmacies electronically. This type of medical software steers clear of handwritten notes that are so hard to understand at times and instead sends accurate and understandable prescriptions to drug stores. This software considerably improves the quality of patient care and treatment acquisition.


Hospital management software

Hospital management software (HMS) handles all patient data, doctor and medical staff information, as well as hospital billing. An HMS system helps manage all sections of a hospital: from the reception, laboratory, diagnostics, pharmacy, billing, and so on. This medical software improves the hospital’s processing efficiency. The main aim of hospital management software is to make medical treatment more effective by managing every aspect of hospital administration. With hospital management software, a healthcare organization can focus more on quality real-time patient care.


Urgent care software

medical healthcare softwareAnother medical innovation to make patient care efficient is this urgent care app that lets patients skip the waiting room and get the care they need wherever they are. Using an urgent care app, patients can get answers to health-related questions, read articles, and even track their pain and know when it is time to call for urgent care.


Healthcare CRM

A healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) is a medical software that helps healthcare organizations obtain, expand, and preserve customer relationships more efficiently and effectively. A CRM software allows medical staff to manage patient data, provide an opportunity for doctors and other healthcare personnel to report to patients with relevant and timely information, and use marketing strategies as entryways to learn more about their customers.


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