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Failure Of Managed Dental Care

Managed dental care plans are affordable dental insurance plans for the employers. The employees are allowed to select specific dental care which will cover the dental procedures for them to have great oral health and confidence to smile. These plans help the employee and the company by keeping the treatment expenses within budget.

Failure of managed dental care Dental policy plans usually include basic level treatment. They cover only basic preventive care and fillings. But when it comes to major treatments like placing crown and bridge, it has reduced coverage and implants are not included.

The mouth is an important part of our body, and it still needs to get its rights when it comes to insurance. Dental treatment is considered optional or for comfort. People with low income find it hard to pay for their dental treatment. Poor dental health can lead to heart problems and other health issues.

Healthy teeth are the base of the healthy body, and many insurance companies should provide more coverage for dental care. Many research results say oral health can affect the overall health of a person. Hence healthy mouth is needed to maintain good systemic health.Managed Dental Care

Measures that can be taken to avoid

  • Educate the people about dental health and encourage them to take a routine dental check-up
  • Health awareness and preventive care should reach everyone.
  • Community water fluoridation needs to be done.
  • Conduct a fluoride application program for kids.
  • Educate children in school about dental care. Even with all the measures, it is possible that some people do not understand the importance of routine dental care. Many patients opt for tooth removal as the treatment cost is too high.

Dental insurance does not provide full coverage often leading to failure. Dental insurances are usually considered non-profitable as it always gets used. All these facts show that almost all dental insurances fail to provide the required coverage.

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