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First Aid for Loose Tooth in Adult

So you’ve loosened your tooth accidentally! Maybe, you bite down something really hard. Perhaps, something hit on your teeth when you were playing without a mouth guard. Any such situation can crack, chip or loosen a tooth. Regardless of the reason, you ought to take instant aid and know how to store your knocked out tooth until you go to your dentist. Here are simple first aid tips for a loose tooth in adult.

First aid for completely (avulsed) knocked out tooth

Replanting a completely knocked out tooth within 4 to 6 minutes generates the best result because your body recognizes the avulsed tooth as its own. Also, the ligaments that actually attach the tooth/teeth to the surrounding bone/s are there on the root surface and could easily attach with a little bit of labor.

First of all, remove the debris from the tooth root by rinsing it with cold water. Don’t touch the root surface. Hold the avulsed tooth by the white enamel portion – the crown. Apply pressure to the bleeding area with a piece of a wet, cold gauge. Hold an ice-pack covered in a cloth to the cheek to reduce swelling. Give a pain-killing medicine to the patient.

Replant the loose tooth by firmly pushing it into the socket. Be sure to apply sustained pressure so that the tooth isn’t pushed back. In case instant replant isn’t possible, control the bleeding and place the tooth between the cheek and gums, and call the dentist for help.

First aid for a displaced tooth

loose tooth in adultIf the tooth is displaced or cracked, it’s likely that the tooth is pushed deeper into the jaw. In such a situation, don’t try to reposition the teeth by yourself. Just apply ice and soothing gum gel to ease the discomfort. Try to stop the bleeding with the use of a cotton ball and ice, and seek the help of the dentist.

Loosening a tooth can be a nightmarish experience. Aside from the danger of losing the tooth, the sufferer could experience persistent pain and swell in the denture and gums. However, it’s possible to ease the problem by offering first aid for the loose tooth in adult as mentioned above. As well as reducing pain, timely-first aid can prevent the loss of the tooth.

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