infection after root canal and crown
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Infection After Root Canal and Crown

Root canal and crown fittings are often the best solutions available for large cavities and infected pulp in the tooth. A Root Canal is responsible for eliminating the infection by removing the inflamed pulp. The dentist then proceeds to carefully clean and shape the inside of the root canal. Dental restoration filling and sealing of the cavity is then carried out. Following root canal therapy, you might also need a dental crown to strengthen and augment your tooth. Though it may well be a one-time treatment, the procedure is not without risks. Ask for more information about this at EmergencyDentistBrisbaneDR Clinic.

infection after root canal and crownThe major risk of such a procedure is that the surgery may not work and the tooth may need to be extracted. If any bacteria remain in the tooth, infection after root canal and crown may take hold. It is therefore advisable to go to your dentist for consultation again if you experience a dull ache in your tooth even after a week of surgery.

The potential complications of the root canal and crown surgery include:

  • Undetected cracks in the root of a tooth

There is the possibility of a crack at the root of the tooth which escapes the endodontist’s notice. The crack leaves the pulp or canal area exposed to bacterial infection.

  • Defective fillings used for dental restoration

If inadequate or faulty filling materials are used, they could erode which would lead to bacteria and infection again. A damaged dental restoration would let bacteria get past into the inner areas of the tooth and recontaminate it.

  • Crowns coming loose

Crowns can come loose because of the degradation of the sealing material over time. This would expose the treated tooth and leave the way for bacteria to infect the tooth again. If the crown dislodges completely, you must get it fixed by an endodontist immediately.

  • More than expected number of root canals in a tooth

One of the root canals that is not targeted during surgery could have an infection that goes untreated. It is therefore important to carefully gauge the condition of the root canals and pulp, and any abscess present.

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