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Sterilizing: How to use autoclave

Have you ever wondered how dental specialists clean the equipment and tools they use on your teeth and mouth? This article will talk about how to use autoclave sterilizers. After you read this article, you can also refer to this link to find out more uses of an Autoclave


What is an autoclave?

A medical autoclave is a device that is used to clean and sterilize other tools and make them sterile and safe for use for various medical and dental procedures. The purpose of using an autoclave is to make sure that all the bacteria, germs, microbes, fungi, spores and all other types of microscopic life that can cause harm and infection. 


How to use autoclave sterilizers to clean dental equipment

As with anything, there is a proper procedure that needs to be followed when using an autoclave. This will prevent any unwanted infection in the future patients that will have dental procedures and also to prevent infection of the person cleaning the tools using the to use autoclave

Wear protective gear. It is important for the person who will be loading the equipment for cleaning to use protective gear. They will be subject to extreme temperatures as the cleaning is going on. The protective gear consists of protective gloves, heat-resistant boots, and body protection, as well as thick gloves that will protect against the heat and any microbes that might be in the air during the cleaning.

Prepare the tools to be cleaned. Identify the tools to be cleaned and package them into the individual plastic bags for the cleaning procedure. Make sure that there are no holes in any of the bags because if there is a hole in a bag, the instrument inside that bag will have to be cleaned again.

Load the tools into the autoclave. Put the tolls into the autoclave machine. Check that there is nothing left inside the machine by a previous user. Make sure that all the instruments are placed in such a way that they do not touch the walls of the autoclave, to avoid the bags from melting. Close the door firmly.

Turn on the machine. Set the desired temperature and psi and start the machine. 

Unload the tools. After the time in the machine will be finished, carefully take out the plastic bags and make sure again that there are no holes in the bags. 

The importance of using an autoclave

The use of an autoclave is essential to sterilize equipment and tools. Although other ways can be used to sterilize dental equipment, an autoclave uses a combination of heat and steam, which can be very useful in killing germs and microbes found on dental equipment. Cleaning the equipment with simple soap and water is not enough to kill all the organic material and waste that can potentially cause infection to the next patient that will use the tools and equipment. Autoclaves make sure that the next patient is not contaminated with any germs from the previous patient. People go to the dentist to make sure that their oral health is at its best, the use of an autoclave to sterilize the tools will help with this goal.


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