Family eye care to maintain excellent eyesight for everyone in the family.
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What Is Family Eye Care? Essence Of Eye Health

Family eye care is an essential factor in maintaining excellent overall health. The eyes need appropriate care as well to preserve their function. Eye care does not necessarily mean getting eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other related eye devices. Additionally, it may include eye treatments to improve eye conditions. For instance, Dr. Anton from Melbourne offers laser eye surgery. A laser eye surgery is a procedure involving the fixation of vision problems using a laser beam. Do you think your family’s eye care may include laser eye surgery? Let’s see what family eye care often comprises.


Family Eye Care

A family working together to achieve excellent eye health.Generally speaking, the eyes are one of the vital parts of our body. The eyes are the essential instruments for us to navigate the worlds around us. For this reason, it would be best to care for our eyes, including our family members.

The family needs a complete eye exam to confirm if vision problems and disease exist. An appointment with a professional’s office can help achieve the highest quality of services that our visual senses deserve. Patients should visit these professionals regularly.

Materials and articles contained various tips to achieve proper care for our eyes. But what exactly do our eyes need to keep them functioning vividly? We will get to know more information as we go along with this article. In the meantime, let us first discuss the various eye doctors who can provide us with reliable family eye care.


Various Eye Doctors

The eyes have specific specialists to look into them. Each of them plays an essential role in maintaining the eye health of patients in good quality. Let’s get to know them individually.

  1. Ophthalmologists: They are doctors with specializations in the medical and surgical care of the eyes and visual system. Additionally, they encourage the prevention of eye disease and injury. An ophthalmologist is a primary provider for total eye care.
  2. Optometrists: They are doctors of optometry. Optometrists have training in examining, diagnosing, treating, and managing some visual diseases and disorders. An optometrist can also prescribe eyeglasses, contact lenses, vision exercises, low vision aids, therapy, and medications as treatment. Ophthalmologists and optometrists often work together to provide family eye care.
  3. Opticians: An optician is not a doctor, but he is an eye health care professional. They are excellent assistants of the ophthalmologist and optometrist for eyeglass-related services.

Overall, these three professionals help patients and their family members in serving their vision requirements.


Maintaining Eye Health

Every patient has different vision needs. For this reason, it would be best to take the time to visit a visual professional to know what these are in particular. Meanwhile, the following are the essentials to maintain excellent eye conditions.

1 Comprehensive Eye Exams

Overall, it is necessary to undergo regular eye exams to confirm vision and eye problems. Vision screenings for children are available at school or during a checkup. Meanwhile, adults get vision screenings during a checkup. Aside from screening, adults may also need to undergo comprehensive dilated eye exams.

The dilation exam involves dilating the pupil allowing more light to get into the eyes. In effect, the doctor can see the inner parts of the eyes more clearly. That includes the ability to check the condition of the optic nerve and the retina.

2 Healthy, Balanced Diet

We need to practice eating a healthy and balanced diet. It does improve not only the quality of our eyes but also our overall body needs. Our vision requires proper nutrition as well. In this case, plenty of fruits and vegetables can help.

3 Regular Exercise and Healthy Weight

Regular exercise is necessary to obtain a healthy weight. As a result, you will have a lower risk of developing diseases that can affect your vision, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

4 Protective Eyewear

If you go out on a sunny day, it would be best to wear sunglasses to prevent damage from sun exposure. It can cause cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and other eye problems. Additionally, protective eyewear is essential if you are into activities that may cause injuries, like sports or construction work.


Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses vs contact lenses, which one is better?These two devices are the typical treatment options to address visual concerns. Lenses and glasses are often the initial choices when a patient is experiencing visual problems. In this case, let us explain further how these two are functioning. We’ll go with contact lenses first.

Contact lenses are one of the advanced treatment options to work out visual problems. These are thin, transparent plastic devices that cover the cornea. Like glasses, it can correct visual problems relative to refractive errors.

Meanwhile, we also have eyeglasses. Glasses are another option to correct a patient’s vision. The use of eyeglasses has been in practice for many years already. Furthermore, some use it as part of their fashion as well.


Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a typical term that optometrists often use. In optometry, its purpose is to develop or improve visual skills and abilities. Additionally, it involves a program consisting of in-office and home reinforcement exercises that patients undergo in weeks to several months.

Furthermore, vision therapy also uses lenses, prisms, filters, patches, electronic targets, or balance boards. Meanwhile, there are three categories of vision therapy a patient can undergo. These are orthoptic, behavioral/perceptual, and vision therapy for prevention or correction of myopia.



Nowadays, you can book an appointment with a medical office by phone. It’s time to get an eye exam now for your family eye care. Patients need comprehensive eye exams by visiting an eye professional and practicing proper eye care even at home. They would welcome you and your family inside their office. Staff and members will be serving everyone in the family wholeheartedly. So, visit them now and experience quality services.

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