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Functions of a Dental Laboratory Technician

Dental technologist or dental laboratory technicians play a significant and vital role in dental treatment. Most of the time patient lose their teeth either through accidents or illness. Patients seek to restore the normal functioning of the affected teeth. Good thing, great services are provided to our trusted dental clinic in Burwood. They will surely get the job done to make your teeth come back to function normal, just click on the click to book for an appointment. The dentist plans such treatment and installs a corrective device in the patient’s mouth. The dental technician is the professional who works under the instruction of the dentist to manufacture and design such restoration. Mostly dental technicians don’t come into contact with the patient in their functions.

Dental laboratory technology combines both art and science in designing and manufacturing the corrective device. The technicians use his or her skills to assist in material choice and are responsible for making the final device. The technician uses some tools like furnaces, bunsen burners, carvers polishing apparatus and computers. There is two specialized dental treatment that relies much on dental technicians. These are the prosthodontics and orthodontics. Prosthodontics involves replacing part or a whole tooth while orthodontics is when the tooth/teeth need to be removed or stabilized.

Dental technicians must have a deeper understanding and knowledge of tooth anatomy. This understanding is essential in fabricating and fixing the prosthesis. Good art skills are critical for the technicians to assist in making a device that completely feels natural to the patient. Another specialty of a technician includes ceramics, implants, partial dentures, dentures, crown, and bridge. Due to changing technology, a technician needs to continue improving on his skills and be conversant with the change.

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The minimum education requirement of the dental technician is a high school diploma or its equivalent. Community colleges offer certificate and associate degrees. Many students, however, become dental technicians through on the job training. Through this system, the student gained the necessary experience that helps them grow and move up in their career. Technicians are also issued with a certificate to become a certified dental technician which is given by the national board for certification in dental laboratory technicians.

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