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Dental Implants Post Op Care

After undergoing successful traditional or digital implants surgical procedure, it is important to take good and proper dental implants post op care to minimise the effects associated with the procedure and for better healing.

Among the various dental implants post op care considerations include;

Taking medications

It is normal to experience uncomfortable pain after a dental implant procedure and as a result pain medications such as ibuprofen are prescribed by a dentist in Bella Vista, NSW which help in minimizing pain and also reduce inflammation at the surgical site.

Antibiotics may also be prescribed to reduce the chances of developing an infection in the surgical area.

Controlling bleeding

There is a likelihood that bleeding will occur after the procedure and to control this, it is advisable to position a gauze at the surgical area while applying pressure at it by teeth for some time until the bleeding stops. It may require replacement after some time during the process.

Proper diet

It is recommended to consume liquids especially cold ones for the first few hours following surgery. This will help reduce swelling pain and control bleeding.
Consuming soft food is recommended such as yoghurt, mashed potatoes and soup which do not strain the teeth.

Minimizing swelling

Swelling after a dental implant procedure can occur and to minimize it, use of ice packs on the surgical site for a few minutes is recommended.

Minimizing physical activity

For the first two days following surgery, rest is recommended and engaging in strenuous activities can lead to discomfort and associated bleeding at the surgical site.

Avoiding substance use dental implants post op

Drinking alcohol and smoking should be avoided in the first few days post op to reduce increased risks of developing infections at the dental implant site.Substance use can also reduce the efficacy of pain and antibiotic medications.

Practising good oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene is important for proper and better healing. During the first day following surgery, rinsing should be completely avoided as it can cause bleeding and should commence in day two. It can be done by the use of salt water a few times a day.

Gentle brushing can be done with care to avoid disturbing the surgical area. Normal teeth brushing and flossing can follow thereafter when the implant area is completely healed.

Post op dental visits

It is important to undergo a regular dental check-up to ensure that the implants are in good condition and functioning properly.

If you have more implant related concerns, you can talk to Casey Dentists’ team in Townsville, QLD today.

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