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Dental Implant Technology: Recent Innovations

Because people are now more self-conscious about how they look, many of us have searched for ways on how to beautify and improve our physique. One aspect of our facial features that really stand out is our smile, and if you have missing teeth, this part of our aesthetic would suffer as well. If you’re interested about getting a dental implant, you can visit Beyond Infinity Dental in Castle Hill, NSW. Let us find out how one of the most in-demand solutions for missing teeth, the dental implant technology, develops and innovates through the years.

Dental implant technology: The science of it all

Dental implants are, in essence, devices that permanently replace teeth by surgically attaching an implant into the jawbone and capping it with a crown. It may sound so simple, but recent developments and innovations are happening because of the rise of complaints about some aspect of the treatment.

Because getting dental implants would require surgery, it is very important that the quality of the implant is ensured. Many implant manufacturers offer their products at an affordable price, but the quality may be sacrificed. Ensuring that the implants your dentist will use on you are of superior quality and follow the innovations can help prevent complications and potential mishaps.

There are two most recent developments in the manufacturing and application of dental implants.

Computer-aided dental implant surgery. Because one of the risks of using dental implants is bone loss, manufacturers and specialist dentists came up with the computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD-CAM). This innovation works by producing an exact replica of the loose teeth to be replaced, even before extracting it. This way, once the original tooth gets extracted, a duplicate implant gets fitted at once, preventing the risk of developing bone loss when you follow the typical process of getting implants.

dental implant technologyAntibacterial-coated implants. We all know that our mouth is the gateway of good and bad bacteria into the body and whether we have implants or we still have our complete set of teeth, bacteria can easily damage our pearly whites. Implant manufacturers now developed a coating that resists some forms of bacteria, making the integrity and quality of your missing teeth replacements last for long. Although this type of implant is not yet widely used and distributed, knowing that there is one would really make a difference in your process of selecting the best and most suitable implant for you.

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