dental implant healing cap
Dental Technolgy Healing Cap

The importance of dental implant healing cap

Once an implant has been done, the tissues around the implant can be vulnerable to injuries and infection which may require appropriate protection. We should be delighted to meet the team @DrEppingDentists who makes use of dental implant healing cap that works magic on your implant procedure and facilitate in the healing process. You will enjoy an attractive healing process of the implant since the healing cap will help in the protection of soft tissues that exist around the implant. When the implant is supported by implant healing cap, the gums will easily heal and the shape perfectly restored. The healing cap offers a natural environment with a framework where the gums will easily heal around just as they do around the natural tooth.

When a new implant is put in place, the pressure from the opposite teeth can easily interfere since it can’t be handled by the new implant. The teeth are likely to experience occlusal pressure which may interfere with the new implant hence the healing cap will play a protective role against the occlusal pressure. Healing cap when setting properly and in the right place, they act as the first line protection against pressure which will support the healing process of both the implant and the gums. dental implant healing cap

The dental implant healing cap will offer a secure environment around the gums and the implant. Both the bacteria and the food remains that are frequently found in the mouth and can affect the healing process can also be limited through the use of a healing cap.

Not all the implants will be supported by healing cap as some of the implants can be stable from the first day limiting on the need to protect them. The decision to have an implant healing cap put in place will be determined by the implant condition and the advice from an expert. You should always work closely with your doctor before and after the implant to support monitoring the healing cap which has been put in place.

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