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Dental Extraction Tools

Every successful dental extraction procedure starts with the use of proper tools and not broken dental appliance for the job. Dental extraction tools come in different shapes and sizes . Thanks to advances in dental health technology, tooth extraction isn’t as nerve-racking as it was in the past. Here are some of the tools that are used during tooth extraction brought to you by the website.

Periosteal Elevator dental extraction tools

This tool is mostly used to undertake simple, non-surgical tooth extractions.Dentists use periosteal elevators to loosen up and detach patient’s gum tissue. The tool can also be used to break the tooth’s periodontal ligament.

When using a periosteal elevator, the tool’s pointed end is often worked on in downward motion along both sides of the tooth, in the surrounding gum tissue, and within the crevasse between teeth. In doing so, the dentist pushes the gums away from the teeth, thus detaching them.

Dental Elevators

These dental extraction tools resemble narrow screwdrivers. Just like screwdrivers, dental elevators come with a handle and a specially-designed tip. When using a dental elevator, the tip of this tool is wedged into the ligament space found between the teeth and the surrounding bone.

As the dental elevator gets pushed and twisted in the ligament space, the tooth is moved and hard-pressed against its socket’s walls. As a result, it will expand and separate from its ligament. With time, the tooth becomes detached from its ligament, thus allowing it to be lifted out of its socket.

Extraction Forceps

These dental extraction tools resemble specialized pliers. Dentists use them to clutch and work on teeth during extraction. Often, different types of extraction forceps are used.

Each of them is specially designed to handle different tooth sizes and root configurations. During dental extractions, dentists grasp a tooth using a forcep before rocking it back and forth, and sideways to tear it away from its ligament.

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