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Dental Damon Braces Vs Traditional Braces

There is nothing more attractive than having a well set of teeth. So, if you are planning to get dental braces, you can visit this dental clinic. In fact, nowadays, Damon braces vs traditional braces are a common treatment option to straighten your teeth. So, what are the difference between the two? Let this article explain the difference between conventional and Damon braces, including the pros and cons of the two treatments. Check out West Ryde Dental Clinic today if you’re looking for quality orthodontic treatments.


Orthodontic Treatment: The Difference Between Damon Vs Traditional Braces

Oral health is important to your overall health. In fact, the alignment of your teeth can affect your physical and emotional health. Luckily, there are different approaches to straightening your teeth. Let us take a look at the difference between the two orthodontic treatments.


Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional braces are one of the most common types of braces that incorporates metal brackets and wires. These braces rely upon elastic ties to hold the wire onto the bracket. Hence, they should be consistently adjusted to keep moving the teeth. In any case, tightening bracing arrangements can be an excruciating experience that adds to a generally longer treatment time.


Damon Metal Braces

Like other orthodontic treatments, Damon system braces aim to straighten teeth. Although, the main difference between this option and others is how they straighten teeth.damon braces vs traditional braces

Archwires and brackets are necessary for braces to shift teeth. However, Damon braces apply a self-ligating system that attaches archwires to brackets rather than elastic ties commonly found in traditional braces.

These self-ligating braces are not new. Nevertheless, many dentists claim that Damon braces are a more effective orthodontic system. In fact, you can avail of Damon clear braces or Damon metal braces in the dentist’s office. If you are interested in getting this treatment, you can schedule an appointment at Drummoyne’s trusted clinic, Our Dental Care. Seeing a reliable dental provider can help you create a treatment plan that will accomplish your desired outcome, to have straight teeth.


Factors To Differentiate Damon Braces and Traditional Braces

Factors to differentiate the two are:


Manual Or Self-Ligating System

Traditional braces use ligatures to hold and attach the brackets and archwire. This is how the approach remains together and slowly pulls your teeth into alignment.

On the other hand, a Damon braces system is self-ligating. Meaning, you do not need to have a bunch of colorful ligatures, and also, there is less hardware in your mouth for food to get stuck in. Rather than ligatures, your dentist uses a memory wire to attach your slide sections. This likewise prompts less pressure and tension.


Managing Overcrowding

Damon braces and traditional braces are different in how they deal with overcrowding. The conventional way often requires teeth removal to make more space. Since this strategy makes more strain in your mouth, your dentist requires extractions and, at times, palatal extenders.

While self-ligating brackets take a gentler approach. Much of the time, no extenders or extractions are necessary. A Damon system uses gentler pressure, permitting teeth to move bit by bit into the proper position.


Amount Of Discomfort

Any kind of braces will be uncomfortable from the start. In fact, both Damon and traditional braces cause a rubbing issue. However, dental wax helps with that.

In any case, the Damon braces apply less pressure, meaning less pain and discomfort throughout the process. On the other hand, traditional braces use far more force, causing more discomfort.


Speed Of Treatment

One factor where the Damon system shines even more is the speed of treatment. In fact, a study showed that patients got their Damon braces off 7.2 months sooner than those with traditional braces. In short, Damon braces work more effectively, particularly for overcrowding, although they can be more costly.

Pros and Cons of The Two Orthodontic Treatment Options


Traditional Braces

The following are the pros and cons of traditional braces.


  • All orthodontists can work with thisDental visits
  • Less expensive treatment
  • Most health insurance covers the procedure
  • They work pleasantly, and the outcomes are amazing
  • They are solid and hard to break
  • The ligatures can really look nice, especially if you know how to mix the colors


  • These braces are noticeable.
  • The ligatures can change color, particularly the white ones.
  • Some patients do not like the metal-mouth look.
  • The first days in treatment are troublesome, but then it all solves pleasantly.
  • There are more modern methods that would be more discreet or work faster.
  • Several patients have mouth sores due to the brackets. However, this can be addressed with dental wax, and on certain days, you will no longer encounter this kind of problem.


Damon Braces

Here are the following pros and cons of Damon braces.


  • The brackets in Damon braces are smaller and look pretty decent
  • Damon braces work faster, and the outcomes are amazing
  • No need for ligatures, meaning fewer chances to get all that food in there
  • This is a new system and getting improved constantly.


  • Damon braces are still metal braces and still can give you that metal-mouth look.
  • Orthodontists should be accredited to use the system.
  • Damon braces cost more than traditional braces.
  • The treatment can be difficult in the first days, and you will also have mouth sores that are treatable using dental wax.


Talk With A Dental Professional About Your Teeth-Straightening Goals

Orthodontic treatments can give you a new smile and boost self-confidence. So if you are planning to get teeth straightening treatment, it would be best to visit an orthodontist to determine the best approach for you. Remember that your doctor might suggest orthodontics alone or join it with different procedures like interdisciplinary treatment.

Furthermore, wearing braces or not, proper oral hygiene plays a vital role in maintaining a beautiful smile. Plus, a regular annual dental checkup is essential to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. You can visit Dental Excellence’s clinic located in Woden, ACT and ask them about their services.



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