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Complex breast cyst treatment methods

Discovering breast cyst might be a stressful and worrying time. You can find yourself thinking about cancer and many questions on how to treat the cyst. Getting clear information is important since it will help you make a concrete decision on how to manage the situation. The cyst is an oval or round fluid filling, movable lump in your breast. It might develop when fluids pile up within the breast, perhaps caused by a blocked milk duct.

The cyst can be either simple or complex. A simple cyst is not painful and goes away with time. A complex is a complicated cyst, where you have materials in your breast that can be seen on the ultrasound. Such materials include dead cells, pus, and the bleeding residue which forms debris within a breast. It feels harder and firmer. Complex cysts have possibilities of causing cancer. Therefore, you should seek medical guidance. Below are complex breast cyst treatment such as complex breast surgery which is applicable today.


Surgery to remove the breast cyst is vital in such a complicated situation. To avoid the risk or any possibility of cancer, you can consider surgery as an alternative. However, your doctor will guide you on this accordingly.

Hormone use

You can use birth control pills to regulate menstrual cycles, therefore reducing the breast cyst recurrences. You can use oral contraceptives. But because of the possible side effects involved hormonal therapy is recommendable for women who have severe symptoms.

complex breast cyst treatmentFine-needle aspiration

Fine-needle aspiration can treat a breast cyst. A doctor can eliminate all fluids and liquids from the cyst during the diagnosis, and the breast lump disappears. However, in the case of the complex or recurrent cyst, the doctor will have to drain the fluids more than once, until all the symptoms disappear.

All in all, if you have been diagnosed with breast cyst, do not panic. Ensure you see a doctor for medical advice and treatment. In the case of a complex cyst, it is treatable by hormonal therapy, surgery, aspiration among other medical procedures.

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