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How Can I Have a Cheap Teeth Straightening Procedure?

As the world continuously evolves, you can also expect people to incessantly seek ways to make their lives easier and more convenient. Take dental health, for instance. Cheap teeth straightening procedures are myths. Before, if you want to have perfectly aligned teeth, you must endure the pain, embarrassment, high cost, and inconvenience of having bulky traditional metal braces. Now, there are so many brands of orthodontic procedures that you can choose from. Go to this link here to learn about braces, upgrades, aligners, and more.

You can even get cheap teeth straightening procedures from general dentists, promising the same effects at a more affordable price. But are they really safe and efficient?


Teeth Straightening

Have you had crooked teeth for the longest time? If so, we definitely understand your eagerness to get orthodontic treatment at once. Everyone appreciates how straight pearly whites can positively affect your aesthetics, so a lot of us wish to have a treatment plan that can address this concern. However, we also know that orthodontic procedures are relatively expensive.

Innovative kinds of braces and clear aligners elevate the level of orthodontic care, but they also require you to spend more. Aside from that, the cost would depend on the extent of your dental condition, the expertise of your dentist, and your geographic location. So, learning about cheap teeth straightening procedures makes you feel curious yet skeptical.


Cheap Teeth Straightening Procedures

You may think that because almost everything in the world today gets to have an upgrade, even orthodontic treatment can become faster and inexpensive. But the truth is, dentists cannot cut corners when it comes to teeth straightening. Some may offer better payment plans and schemes, or less costly brands, but the procedure itself remains the same. At best, traditional metal braces can still serve as the most generic, successful, and cheap teeth straightening form.

Here are the different orthodontic options so we can help you decipher which to choose. We can also help you understand how you can make yours a certified cheap teeth straightening procedure.

Dental Braces

There are three types of dental braces based on their material and appearance.

metal bracesMetal braces use metal wires and brackets attached to your teeth to gradually pull and move them to their proper position. Ceramic braces use the same concept, but instead of using metal parts, they make use of tooth-colored ceramic pieces to conceal your orthodontic procedure. Lastly, lingual braces, though not widely used compared to the former braces types, use metal components but are placed at the back sides of the teeth, making your whole treatment plan invisible.

Lingual braces can cost you the most because your orthodontist requires intense upkeep and maintenance of its parts. Ceramic braces also need further monitoring since the ceramic parts are more fragile than metal braces. All in all, metal braces are still the clear winner, allowing you to only spend around $3000 to $6000 compared to others with $4000 to $10000 price tags.

Clear Aligners

Kids then and now have all complained about how hideous and eye-catching traditional braces are. The metal parts can cause mouth sores. Their bulky appearance affects the way you smile and talk. Most of all, they make it more challenging for you to clean your teeth. This is where clear aligners save the day.

With clear aligners like Invisalign and other brands, no more embarrassing remarks when it comes to your smile. People would not notice your orthodontic treatment. Maintaining the cleanliness of your teeth becomes hassle-free. You just systematically wear your tray-like aligners made of medical-grade plastic for at least 22 hours a day. And within months, depending on the complexity of your alignment issues, you can now appreciate a straighter, whiter, and healthier smile.

If you think dental aligners can address your crooked teeth the best, do not expect it as a cheap tooth straightening treatment. Invisalign, the most popular and the pioneer of clear aligners, can cost you around $5000 to $8000. It can go higher depending on the level of your orthodontic issue, your orthodontist’s fee, and your location (rural areas offer cheaper bills than metropolitan or urban cities.)


Ways to have a Cheap Teeth Straightening Procedure

Start yours while you’re Young.

Teens still have movable permanent teeth, so the treatment period can be cut short. That means your dentist may require lesser dental appointments and say no to complicated side treatments (bone grafts, jaw surgery, wisdom tooth removal, etc.)

Contact your Insurance Provider.

orthodontic proceduresAnother reason why you should have your orthodontic treatment at a young age is the fact that your dental insurance may cover your orthodontic treatment in part or full. For patients, 18 years old and younger, your insurance provider may give your partial or full coverage depending on your monthly premium and teeth straightening options.

Understand the Nature of your Orthodontic Problem.

If you have medical insurance coverage that offers a limited dental cover, inquire if your need to have your teeth straightened would improve your overall health.  Crooked teeth and other bite or jaw misalignment issues that affect, cause, or complicate medical conditions may have considerations for dental coverage.

Choose your Dental Provider well.

If your dentist deems that your condition is a complicated case, other treatments may be required to fully address your problem. He may recommend jaw surgery, gum treatments, and other dental procedures to help make your teeth straightening procedure a success. Find someone who can give you high-quality procedures while offering affordable payment schemes to make it convenient for you to avail of his services.


Undergoing orthodontic treatment is indeed a major life decision. However, you can make it easy and affordable if you know the ins and outs of your dental problem, and you have a professional to trust when it comes to making your smile brighter and healthier. You can go to Beyond Infinity Dental Care’s clinic located in Castle Hill if you need a trusted clinic for your orthodontic treatment.



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