About the Site


The public and employers, those who bear the burden, continue to be appalled by the spiraling costs of medical care. As physicians we are all too aware of the mindless misallocation of medical and administrative expenditures caused in large part by the failure of managed care. The entire industry is on life support with more than half of HMO’s losing money last year, and an even higher percentage of physician groups and provider networks contributing to an epidemic of bankruptcies. Our key goal, therefore, is to provide economic/logistical solutions by offering our interactive, web-based, decision support software to physicians and every health care entity at financial risk. We also hope to provide accessible expert medical knowledge to the general public in the form of symptom-based decision support programs.

Scientific Support

MatheMEDics® consults with Government Agencies such as the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), academic and high level clinicians, epidemiologists, actuaries, health care economists, and computer scientists.


Our development has been focused on decision support software embedding statistical, clinical, and evidence-based knowledge. These program modules and their implementation on various networks provide powerful optimization strategies for cost containment for any health care entity assuming medical financial risk. Moreover, these software platforms have hardly begun to be exploited for professional and patient education, triage in the E.R, call centers, and demand management.

Core Business

MatheMEDics develops and markets Web-based interactive medical decision support software for physicians, consumers and managed care providers.